Thursday, February 12, 2015

Are you serious, Rep. Ribble ??????

Ok… we go again.

This person, Reed Ribble….
the U.S. Congressional Representative from Wisconsin, believes that we should slaughter our reintroduced gray wolves, instead of working for peaceful co~existence with ranchers for non lethal wolf controls.

Bill in Congress would remove protections for Great Lakes wolves

Bills to end Endangered Species Act protections for wolves introduced in Congress

Lummis, Ribble Introduce State Wolf Management Bill
Bill restores state management of wolves in Wyoming, Western Great Lakes

We need our wolves, and scientists have reported again and again that sound science was not adhered to when the USFWS decided to consider the proposal to remove our Gray Wolves from endangered species status under the protections provided by the Endangered Species Act.

We do not need more wolf bloodshed, nor do we need to continue to drag our USA government into the issue of Gray Wolf RE-introduction into the USA wilderness.

Please take action by contacting your state representatives and senators, ask them to vote NO on H.R.843 and H.R.884 >

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