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Sign and share all #BANTRAPPING petitions. 
Let's save our wildlife and our family buddies.
Time for the U.S.A. to put an end 
to this barbaric practice. 
The U.S.A. Government needs to join the 21st Century 
and the rest of the world.


Help ban the use of inhumane wire noose snare traps on Southern California coyotes.


Ban Fur Trapping On Public Lands in the United States


Petitioning Director Arthur Nash 



Montana State Lawmakers 
and Agency Officials : 



2 hours ago  •  By DEVIN HEILMAN Coeur d'Alene Press
COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho (AP) — The day after Christmas was a sad one for Pat Boland and his family. Their 4-year-old black lab, Billi, was killed in a body-gripping trap.

The incident occurred when Boland's wife, Kim, took the dog running with her on state endowment lands near their home in the Cougar Gulch area.

"My wife heard a horrible yelp and called me for help,'' Pat said.

Billi was caught in a conibear trap, which quickly killed her.

"Any animal could have walked into that trap,'' Pat told The Press. "I have always thought of my wife and the dogs' safety when she runs. They all wore orange during hunting season and my wife carries a firearm and a cellphone, but it never occurred to me someone would have a 'kill trap' set.''

The trap snapped on Billi's neck and its grip was so tight Pat had to ask a friend to help him unlatch the springs to release her body.

"I've done a little bit of research and these traps are designed to kill,'' Pat said. "If it was a foot trap, she'd be alive today.''

Pat reported the incident to Idaho Fish and Game Conservation Officer Rob Morris, who contacted the owner of the trap. That particular trap, which was removed, was baited to catch a bobcat.

"It's a difficult situation because we have areas where people are lawfully trapping,'' Morris said.

He said the trapper, whose name was not released, was not in any violation of Idaho's fish and game laws. The trap included the owner's identification, it was adequate distance from a maintained public trail and the trapper was legally licensed.

"It's unfortunate that this particular incident happened, because I'm a dog lover as well,'' Morris said. "It was just a bad set of circumstances where the dog was able to catch wind of the bait and put her head in.''

A body-gripping/conibear trap consists of metal rectangles hinged together midway to open and close like scissors. They are meant to bring a swift death to the animal by snapping on its spinal column at the base of the skull.

"Our family has lost a good friend,'' Pat said. "We miss the silly things she would do on a daily basis, bouncing up and down when I got home, then dropping a ball at my feet to play or finding the towels she had dragged away from the laundry room for something soft to lay on. We miss that positive energy in our home.''

Because of this year's lack of snow, Morris said people are recreating in areas where they wouldn't normally have access. Morris encourages people to keep their dogs on leashes and be cognizant of their surroundings.

"People just need to be aware this time of year because late fall and early winter is when people are trapping," he said.

Winter is when fur-bearing animals such as bobcats have full coats. Morris said there's a high demand for animal pelts as the prices have risen, and almost all trappers in North Idaho are seeking fur. People should also be aware that trappers do not have to post signs in areas where traps are set.

"Nothing can bring my dog back,'' Pat said. "I just don't want anybody else's dog to get hurt.''

Pat said he was clear that he has nothing against hunters. He is a lifelong hunter who has a neutral stance on trapping. He is just hoping Billi's death can help bring awareness to the danger that traps pose to pets, and he said he doesn't really see a need for a "kill trap'' on public lands that are frequently used by people and their domestic animals.

"I want other outdoor users to be aware of this danger,'' he said. "I will never feel the same about walking my dogs in the woods and that is sad.''


Please visit these folks to learn about "Hounding" .
If you are one who loves Wolves, and you live in Wisconsin, please follow them and become involved. 

A collar for a bait dog, used in wolf hunting
Hounding is an evil beyond description that needs to be stopped immediately.



 Please copy and paste this link , along with this statement:

"Hello DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp. Please see that indeed there are anti-wolf groups and and anti-wolf people in Wisconsin."

Send it to : 
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Secretary Cathy Stepp at          DNRSecretary@Wisconsin.gov

DNR Denial and More Hate….I Mean “Humor” From the Blood Sport Capital of the United States

25 OCT
**For the anti-wolf people attempting to comment here: DON’T BOTHER. We have heard all of the “they are eating all the deer,” “they are killing bear dogs,” “eating grandchildren,” and all of the other propaganda and misleading information time and time again. You don’t care about the “livestock” when a bolt gets shot into their head and their throats are slit, so why get a high and mighty when a wolf kills one that the rancher gets reimbursed for. You don’t care about your dogs when they are running rampant through the woods terrorizing bears, coyotes, and other wildlife so don’t pretend you care when a wolf kills one trespassing in their territory. I am sure that you are crying all the way to the bank with your nice fat $2500 check while you just grab another dog from your backyard puppy mill. None of your talking points and anti-wolf rhetoric is going to change my mind or any other wildlife advocate’s mind. Another thing. Don’t assume that everyone who cares about wolves do not live around them. And being offended by us insulting the DNR and the qualifications of Cathy Stepp? Really? Finally, wolves were not “reintroduced” into Wisconsin. They migrated from the last remaining population after lower 48 eradication in Minnesota. Save your propaganda comments for the wolf hate page that sent you here because they sure are not going to be approved for posting here**

A couple of months ago real estate developer and high school graduate turned Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Secretary, Cathy Stepp, was reported to have told a gathering at a public meeting that “there are no anti-wolf people or groups in Wisconsin.” Well Cathy, as the old saying goes “de Nile is a river in Egypt.”

What do Egypt and Wisconsin have in common? That’s easy. Wisconsin and post-Mubarak Egypt are both state sponsors of terrorism. Ha! Ha! Ha! Apparently the “Knotsies” that run the hate “humor” filled “Wisconsin Wolf Hunting Facebook page are “offended” at the linkage to “Muslim terrorism,” because we all know that their glorification of poaching, laughing about “air strikes” against wolves, commenters calling wildlife advocates “timber niggers,” and threatening rape are not intended to intimidate wildlife advocates or make a political statements just as terrorists would. It is all for a good belly laugh. I am sure that they will also be “offended” at my stab at humor above. It takes a special kind of person to find humor in rape, racism, and death threats against Wisconsin mine opponents. I guess I don’t fit that mold.

I thought long and hard about whether or not my characterization of wolf killing sadists “comedians” as equal to terrorists was really an apt comparison. I was pissed that day about what I was reading on that hate page and thought maybe I over-reacted and jumped into the world of hyperbole as they tend to do. Today, I gave up any self doubt when I saw this picture that supposedly emanated from Wyoming and has been lauded on Facebook by several of the Wisconsin wolf killing sadists “comedians.”

Remind you of anything from America's dark chapters? 

What does this look like to you? After viewing this image I have no regrets about equating terrorism and wolf haters “comedians.” Who are they trying to emulate? The Klan? Al Qaeda? Replace the dead wolf with the scalp of a Native American, the body of a lynched black man, or the severed head of a kidnapping victim. It is all a sick political “comedy” statement. Whatever it is they are certainly holding up the wrong flag. I served this country to defend that flag they are holding not the ideals that these cretins “comedians” represent. These people often claim they are “patriots” that are saving the country from the black guy in the White House and his “socialism.” Of course those anti-Federal “gubmint” patriots types in Wyoming neglect to mention that they leach far more federal money tax money than they pay in, and the black guy in the White House hates wolves as much as they do. Why let facts get in the way of some good ol’ American hate “humor?”

Also today, the wolf hating “laughing” page decided to take a stab at me and a few other wildlife advocates with insults that they labeled as humor:

Wisconsin Wolf Hunting

Humor of the day . Everyone say hi and wave to the Wolf lover nut jobs that continue to visit here daily and cry about legal Wisconsin hunting on facebook. Hi Melissa, Hi Paul, Hi Cathy and Alice!

Photo: Humor of the day . Everyone say hi and wave to the Wolf lover nut jobs that continue to visit here daily and cry about legal Wisconsin hunting on facebook.  Hi Melissa, Hi Paul, Hi Cathy and Alice!
Nothing says funny like dead animals and insults. The “humor” doesn’t end there:
Tyler Tanner This is fuckin great..kill em by the dozen
Wisconsin Wolf Hunting ^He’s talking about the wolves Paul. We understand you’re a little slow and a little sissy like sensitive about this subject Not to mention having the reading comprehension and grammar skills of a 5th grader on your blog.

I suppose you are jealous that my “5th grade education” seems like doctorate level for the sadists “comedians” that comment on your hate “humor” page. It says plenty that you find humor in poaching, death, and anti-government propaganda. If not getting off on killing animals and death threats make me a “sissy” then so be it. Do you find humor in the rape threats and “timber nigger” comments your commenters make as well? Here are some more comments from the graduate students that post to that hate “humor” site:

Ryan Cutts smoke a pack a day! shoot em in the guts and let them run and die elsewhere! : )
Like · Reply · 6 minutes ago

Mark Chovan hell yes, nice job. Kill em all.
Like · Reply · 4 · 3 hours ago

Maureen Drinkman congrats!! SWEET…. lets take em all down!!! we need them gone!!!
Like · Reply · 36 minutes ago

Tom Handrick I hope everyone “wounds” at least 10 before filling their tag
Like · Reply · 1 · 2 hours ago via mobile

Austin White Smoke a pack a day
Like · Reply · 1 · 3 hours ago via mobile

Kris Hanes Nice wolf. Im from Elcho. Killem all
Like · Reply · 35 minutes ago via mobile

William S Dordan awsome smoke all those fuckers
Like · Reply · 2 hours ago via mobile

George Busse Them idiots should have there own country or state or septic tank. Whatever can hold them all. Facebook only gave them something to live for. A place to express there opinion where they wouldn’t have to kill any trees writing it down. Don’t worry, soon they will die, there are only so many plants to go around, I will die after, animals can live without food longer. I eat animals. In case you didn’t know…… Here’s your sign. Fuck off you tree hugging, anorexic, no meat eating Fuck head!!! Yeah I said it!

Wow! National Honors Society level on that last comment. Thems some deep words. They like to label all wildlife advocates as being the same but freak out when we label them for what they are. I can play that game too. Look at the leering snuff photos all over that site. They all look the same. Short white guy. Fat white guy. Ugly white woman. Fat white kid. Bushy faced white guy. Notice the pattern? They all dress the same as well. It is like “Children of the GMO Corn” on that site. What a knee slapper I am!

My “humor” level has peaked for the day so I will share a couple more comments from the Mensa candidates that post on the hate “humor” site:

Garrett Shaw Gut shot everyone before you kill one!!!!

Dan Morris I hunt near superior we have no deer , bone piles and lots of timber wolf tracks bigger Than my hand we had a great heard in July till the wolfs moved in

Dan Morris The wolf’s were brought in by the paper mills to protect the damn poplar trees in the first place. When I was young in the 50-60s we never had wolf’s except in the UP and Canada.
Who woulda thunk? It was the paper mills all along that conspired to bring the “wolf’s” back to Wisconsin. You learn sumthin’ new every day……..

Wildlife advocates, make sure you forward this post to DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp so she can see that indeed there are anti-wolf groups and and anti-wolf people in Wisconsin. Of course I am sure that the Wisconsin Wolf Hunting page will “Knot” know what I am talking about and claim that it is just “satire” and “humor.”

From the Blood Sport Capital of the United States this “sissy,” is signing off to go hug some California trees, eat some organic granola, and hug some “wolf’s.”


This is from one our own Wolves. 
He sent the Wisconsin Wolf Hunter's Facebook page link to the USFWS as part of his comment
Thank you W.G. !

My Comment to USFWS 10.23.13  
| Tracking Number: 1jx-88c0-ycnf

Here is why Wolves need protection:

This is not management, this is sadism. 
The science is simple: Wolves keep ecosystems healthy, for wildlife and for humans.

William G II


New post on Exposing the Big Game ~ October 24. 2013


by Exposing the Big Game
By Chuck Quirmbach
Grey Wolf    
Credit John and Karen Hollingsworth 

The Department of Natural Resources says that as of Wednesday morning, 110 wolves have been killed in the wolf hunting and trapping season.

The season just started last week. Last year, 117 wolves were killed during the entire two month season. DNR official Tom Hauge says the faster pace of this year's harvest remains a bit of a mystery.

“We really don't have any good ideas as to why that is,” says Hauge. “But the trappers are out in large numbers this year and are having some good success.”

Most of the 110 wolves killed this year, were first caught in traps. Two people concerned about the possibility of using dogs to hunt wolves testified before the DNR Board today. Dogs are banned from the wolf hunt until December 2.

A wolf-hunting zone in far northeastern Wisconsin closed earlier this afternoon.

Exposing the Big Game | October 24, 2013 at 6:13 pm | Tags: Wisconsin, wolf, wolf hunt | Categories: Wolves | URL: http://wp.me/p2nX5S-Sq


Re posted on Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic
October 22.2013

Well that was Fast…..More Threats and Hate from Anti-Wolf Facebook Site

OCT 22
This was posted by the anti-wolf hate site a couple of hours ago. All threats have been reported to the authorities and they have assured us there will be an investigation into those making the threats and their enablers that run the site. Those investigating believe that this site is run by the same people that made death threats against anti-mine protestors a couple of months ago. I am not sure of that. We were also informed that death threats originating from across state lines fall under Federal jurisdiction. This is the latest round of hate from that disgusting page:

Wisconsin Wolf Hunting shared a link.

2 hours ago
Check out this blog posts from the anti-wolf thugs about one of our posts this morning. I sense alot of anger and butthurt in this blog. We happen to know they’re leaving out a few facts they do not want to discuss. You know, like trying to contacting someone’s wives employer trying to get her fired. Yeah I am sure they do not want to talk about that thuggish behavior of theirs.

Anti-wolf thugs? How did WE become “anti-wolf?” Isn’t that what that hate page is all about? They go on to criticize MY grammar apparently not realizing that it is “a lot” and not alot. Considering their fast response it appears that they are the ones “butthurt.” If they are not doing anything wrong why feel the need to respond so hatefully? I nor any of our associates contacted a wolf killer wife’s employer. I do not and will not encourage this behavior. There is no place for that. It ONLY becomes an issue when it is done while on the clock for that employer. I will shame wolf haters that post hate in a public forum and that is it. I will also bring to light death threats against wildlife advocates. Will the Wisconsin Wolf Hunting page condemn the death threats against Melissa Smith and other wildlife advocates? I doubt it. Does that mean all of the actions of the wolf hating readers on that site are Wisconsin Wolf Hunting’s responsibility?
Here we have the first death threat:
Scot Hartline: It’s a shame that there isn’t a season on people like them! Obviously their numbers are too high! Proper game management, specifically of apex predators, is crucial for the survival of all other game and domestic animals. This is not rocket science.

This has been reported to the proper authorities. Oh the irony. This is what Mr. Hartline posted on his Facebook page:

Scot Hartline shared a link.

October 17 · Edited

“Bullying is a very serious problem and therebhas got to be accountability somewhere…I’m not sure that this is the exact right way to do it but they have got to start somewhere. 
I know one thing for sure, my kids will not be dealing with anything like I suffered while I was in school! I WILL PERSONALLY MAKE SURE OF THAT!”

Death threats are a very serious problem too Scot Hartline. Oh the hypocrisy.

Several other comments follow, but my quota of sadism is filled for the day. I hate giving this disgusting page and their minions attention but they have crossed a line when threatening myself and other wildlife advocates. I will be leaving the investigation of those threats to the proper authorities and all will be exposed.

Apparently those that operate that sick site seem to think that Melissa Smith or the other women they mentioned run this site. They do not. This site is run by a 14 year veteran of Law Enforcement, an Army Veteran, and someone highly knowledgeable about the law. I do not take death threats lightly from either side and they have been and will be reported to the proper authorities. Those behind sites like that hate page think they are immune from the law because they have the anonymity of the internet. We will see how long that lasts.

If anyone else is threatened or targeted by that page do not hesitate to report it to law enforcement. It is one thing to make sarcastic and ignorant comments it is quite another to threaten the lives of those you disagree with.

Here is a reminder for those that troll this site and leave hateful comments. Your IP address will be posted for the entire world to see and any death threats will be reported to law enforcement. Please DO NOT engage with the cretins that run and post on that page. They get off on the attention. Observe, document, report, and most of all DO NOT make threats against these people or call their workplaces. This does not do us any good and gives the anti-wolf sadists “ammo” to use against our side. Any person that cannot accept this has no place working with this group or other wildlife advocates. Do not expect any defense from me if you partake in these activities.

Posted by rali74 on October 22, 2013 in Hounding, Hunting, Trapping, Uncategorized, Wisconsin Insanity, Wolves

Tags: sadism, threats, Wisconsin Wolf Hunting Facebook page

UPDATED: October 23. 2013 

Now the total count is up to 
95 wolves killed in a week in Wisconsin. 
How bad is that… 

OCTOBER 22, 2013

On Tuesday morning, the DNR announced that the harvest count is up to 95 wolves killed in the first seven days of the season. It also announced that hunting zone 2, which covers an expanse of northeastern Wisconsin, will close on Wednesday at 3 p.m.

Wildlife experts say they’re surprised to see how fast wolf hunters are harvesting animals thus far in the wolf hunting and trapping season.

The Department of Natural Resources said that as of Monday morning, 85 gray wolves had been harvested in just the first six days of the wolf season. Fifty-six wolves had been caught in leg traps, then killed. Hunters shot 28 with guns, and one with a bow and arrow.

UW-Madison environmental studies professor Adrian Treves says it’s surprising that hunters got to 85 much faster than during last year’s season. “I’m guessing hunters are, maybe, learning how to get wolves, or there are more hunters out there, or both.” (My guess is that there are more hunters out there. It seem that wolves hunting is becoming a “trend” or something cool to do and show off. The hate toward them is almost spreading faster than we can help them. Seem to me people just don’t get it or will never learn. I guess hating is easier than to try to understand a simple concept along with love. )

Treves remains concerned the DNR has set a quota of 251 wolves this year, saying that may threaten the sustainability of the Wisconsin wolf population.

The fast march to 85 has also caught the eye of retired DNR wildlife biologist Dick Thiel. He says if the pace continues, there may be no need to allow hunters to use dogs to hunt wolves. Dogs are banned until December 2nd anyway, and Thiel would prefer they stay on the sidelines. “It’s not only cruel to use hunting hounds – because you will get fights between wolves and hounds, and that’s inevitable – but it is probably, given what’s going on right now … somewhat unnecessary.”

A top DNR official, Kurt Thiede, says it’s difficult to say whether the higher rate of harvest is an anomaly or whether it could become the norm. Thiede says the most important thing is the DNR’s ability to close a hunting zone to harvest once that zone’s quota is met.


By Paul A. Smith of the Journal Sentinel
10:15 a.m.
Hunters and trappers killed 85 wolves in the first six days of the 2013 Wisconsin public wolf harvest, according to a report released Monday by the Department of Natural Resources.

The DNR set a kill goal of 251 wolves for the season. The season began last Tuesday and will run through the end of February or until harvest quotas are met, whichever comes first.

Fifty-six of the animals were taken by trappers, 28 by gun hunters and one by a bowhunter.

Last year, in the first regulated wolf harvest in state history, 117 wolves were killed by hunters and trappers in two months. The 2012 harvest quota was 116 wolves.

The DNR increased the kill goal this year in an effort to reduce the wolf population closer to the 350 animal goal listed in the state's 1999 wolf management plan.

The 2012 wolf hunting and trapping season did not reduce or only slightly reduced the wolf population, according to state biologists.

Wisconsin had an estimated 809 to 834 wolves in 214 packs in late winter 2013. The wolf population typically doubles each year after pups are born in spring then begins to decline through various sources of mortaiity.

The state's regulations include six wolf harvest zones, identical to 2012. Quotas by zone for state licensed hunters and trappers are: Zone 1 — 76; Zone 2 — 28; Zone 3 — 71; Zone 4 — 12; Zone 5 — 34; Zone 6 — 30.

The Wisconsin wolf management plan is being updated over the next year and may include a different population goal.

October 20. 2013 PLEASE TAKE ACTION.







OCTOBER 9, 2013


In December, "Hounding" is set to commence in Wisconsin. We ask that you take action to stop that. The following email will ask Wisconsin NRD Board members to hear S.B. 93 in Committee to be reviewed, and to stop the horrific and brutal practice of wolf hunting by hounding in Wisconsin.

Speak up by sending a copy and paste email, the sample and contacts are below. Thank you.

Dear ......

Please review and discontinue the allowed practice of Wolf Hounding .

In December, wolf hunters in Wisconsin will be permitted to use dogs to hunt wolves. 
Wolf hunters can send up to six dogs at a time to chase down wolves and send in fresh dogs when necessary to replace tired, exhausted, and dead dogs.
The dogs are stressed to begin with, possessing a natural fear of wolves for very good reason. A wolf can kill a dog with one snap of its jaws.

The following are methods used to train dogs to over come their fear of wolves.

1. The stomachs of wolves are boiled down and fed to the hounding dogs.

2. Wolf pups are obtained by wolf hounders, by raiding wolf dens and placed in a fenced yard, a practice called "penning" and legal in Wisconsin.
The wolf pup is placed in a roll cage and the hounding dogs are released to harass the pup to the point of exhaustion, when it is then released for the hounding dogs to kill it.

3. Wolf hounders cut the hamstrings on the legs of wolves, disabling the wolf, and then releasing the hounding dogs on it.

These methods are used by wolf hounders as common practice. 
( Are you feeling sick yet? )

Please, propose that S.B. 93 -prohibiting use of dogs in wolf hunt is heard in Committee.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.


 Natural Resources Board members (who approved the wolf hunt) – 
Also ask 
to refer it on to the board members:

Natural Resources Committee and governor contact information:








Please act now and help us to 
stop this barbaric practice!

Thank you to Save Our Wolves 
for this awareness

The Face of Hounding

So you will tell me that, this is an ethical and humane way to get rid of wolves ? So let me ask you, is there a difference between animal abuse, and this ?

Wolves being hunted by dogs < ( I did not include the photo here, can't look at it again today, sorry ~ Heidi ) 
It is here, on the original blog post

My answer is no. Because this is exactly what hunters do. Send dogs, most often, to their death, to hunt a coyote or a wolf. A wolf with a pressure bite of 1500 1,500 lbs/inch2 can kill a dog in a snap. There are pictures all over the internet of hunters proudly posting Coyotes being ripped and teared apart by dogs, can one only imagine how that hurt ?

For example, I go to the dog park a lot. My dog got in an incident with another dog and he got his throat ripped open by the other dog. Needless to say, the end result wasn’t pretty at all. This what some coyote and wolves out there, have to go through, same goes for the dogs sent after those predators who don’t always come back victorious. Often they give their life for no purpose at all.

I wonder how these same hunters would feel being tied up to a chain on a tree and being ripped apart by a pack of wolves ? This is what’s going to happen in December in Wisconsin and what is already going on in other states. Remember Jamie Olson, a Wyoming federal wildlife specialist and coyote hunting tournament coordinator ? That is exactly what he does during his time off. Then he post proudly, with the coyote’s body ripped apart and smile big time for the camera.

The Face Of Wolf Hounding In December wolf hunters will be allowed to use dogs to hunt wolves. Wolf hunters can send up to six dogs at a time to chase down wolves and send in fresh dogs when necessary to replace tired/beat up/dead dogs. Dogs are naturally afraid of wolves and for good reason. Teddy Roosevelt stated that he once saw a wolf kill a dog with one snap of it’s jaws. In researching wolf hounding methods I came across a method they use to get dogs over their fear of wolves. Wolf hounders take the stomachs of wolves and boil them to feed to their dogs. They also will do many other unethical practices to train hounds to hunt wolves as well. Wolf hounders have been known to raid wolf dens for pups to use in a fenced yard known as penning(and legal here in Wisconsin too). They put the pup in a roll cage and then let dogs harass the pup until it’s exhausted. Then they release it in the pen for the hounds to finish off. Wolf hounders have also cut the hamstrings on wolves legs so they can’t run, then release their hounds on them. These methods are used by wolf hounders as common practice. (How sickening is that ? )

If you are in Wisconsin:

What can you do to stop this? For one I don’t believe Wisconsinites are aware of this using dogs on wolves for this years wolf hunt.

What you can do: Cut copy and paste this post into an email to send to friends. Share this post on your page. Make a lawn sign about this topic. Call your state representative -

Link to the legislative finder to locate your legislators: http://legis.wisconsin.gov/Pages/waml.aspx

Thank you to Save Our Wolves 
for this awareness


Re posted here October 20.2013
New post on Exposing the Big Game

Please take action, all information you need is 
below this article for emailing officials in Wisconsin 
and signing petition pledges. Thank you.


by Exposing the Big Game

[First, I have a couple of pet peeves to air: 1) I'm getting real tired of all the articles these days that start out as a question when the author and readers clearly know the answer. Like this one: "Is the state too open to hunting with dogs?" This isn’t a question, it’s a statement! Why not just come right out and say, “The State is Too Open to Hunting With Dogs.” We all know it is, so I took the liberty in change the title to reflect the answer.

2) Another thing that gets extremely old are articles that start out something like, So and So, an expert on animal behavior, is not against hunting and even raises lamb for food…" as though So and So's concessions to cruelty make them more credible. Okay, that's all I have to say; enjoy the article.]

Bill Lueders: Is state too open to hunting with dogs? copyrighted Hayden wolf in lodgepoles

October 18, 2013 12:30 am  •  By Bill Lueders

Patricia McConnell, an expert on animal behavior, is not against hunting and even raises lamb for food. But the University of Wisconsin-Madison zoologist and author is appalled by what she regards as blatant cruelty to animals sanctioned and abetted by the state.

“I’m sure most people don’t know this goes on in Wisconsin,” McConnell says. “I think most people would be horrified.”

McConnell is referring to the use of dogs to hunt other animals, like bear, with often deadly consequences. Joe Bodewes, a Minocqua-based veterinarian, described the damage to dogs by bear in a recent letter to the Wisconsin State Journal.

“Broken and crushed legs, sliced-open abdomens and punctured lungs,” he wrote. “Dogs lying mangled and dying on the surgery table — all in the pursuit of sport.”

Bodewes, in an interview, says his small clinic treats about a dozen dogs a year mauled by bears while hunting. Usually two to four die. Recent cases include a dog whose jaw “was snapped off below the eyes” and one whose back muscles were “ripped loose from its spine.” Both survived.

Now Wisconsin is about to become the only state to let dogs be used in wolf hunts. A judge’s injunction blocking the use of dogs in last year’s inaugural hunt has been lifted; the case is now before a state appeals court. This year’s hunt, with a kill goal of 275 wolves, began Tuesday. Dogs can be used beginning Dec. 2.

McConnell and others warn of inevitable violent clashes. And with good reason.

According to the state Department of Natural Resources, wolves have killed 23 hounds so far this year, tying a 2006 record. All were being used to hunt or pursue bear, says DNR wildlife damage specialist Brad Koele.

Their owners can receive up to $2,500 per animal from the state. Many have already applied.

“People who choose to put their dogs at extreme risk of horrific injury are compensated,” McConnell says. “Some of these dogs die painful deaths, in a blood sport that it some cases is no better than organized dog fights.”

A recent study found that Wisconsin has a higher dog casualty rate than Michigan, which also allows their use in bear hunts. The lead author, a Michigan Tech wildlife ecologist, speculated that Wisconsin’s compensation program creates “an incentive for abuse” — that is, hunters who deliberately put their dogs at great risk.

Since 1985, a DNR tally shows, the state has spent $441,651 to reimburse hunters for hounds killed by wolves, usually while hunting or pursuing bear. Until last year these payments, and more than

$1 million paid for wolf depredations of other animals, came in part from the state’s Endangered Resources Fund.

Now these payments come from application and license fees paid by prospective wolf hunters. Last year, Koele confirms, none of these fees went for wolf population monitoring or hunt management costs.

McConnell and Bodewes trace the state’s policies back to small but politically powerful advocacy groups. These prominently include the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, the state chapter of Safari Club International and United Sportsmen of Wisconsin.

These three groups collectively spent nearly $400,000 since 2004 lobbying state officials, including their support for the wolf hunt law. Group officials did not respond to interview requests.

Former Republican state Rep. Scott Suder, the wolf hunt bill’s lead Assembly sponsor, helped United Sportsmen snare a $500,000 state grant, which Gov. Scott Walker yanked after concerns were raised about the group’s fitness and honesty. Suder ending up leaving a lucrative state appointment to become a lobbyist.

The owners of dogs killed by wolves while hunting wolves are not eligible for compensation. While McConnell is glad state funds won’t go to this purpose, she notes that hunters have “no motivation to report” dogs killed or injured.

A DNR official says the agency may try to gather information about dog casualties in its post-hunting-season questionnaire.

Bill Lueders is the Money and Politics Project director at the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism.

Exposing the Big Game | October 20, 2013 at 6:42 am | Tags: bear, hound hunting, Wisconsin, wolves | Categories: Hound Hunting, Wolves | URL: http://wp.me/p2nX5S-Rv



USDA-Wildlife Services 
Improperly withholds Public Records 

Friday, September 20, 2013 
Contact: Wendy Keefover 303 819-5229

Albuquerque, NM. 
WildEarth Guardians this week sued Wildlife Services, a branch of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) that kills millions of animals annually, after it failed to produce records in response to three separate Guardians’ requests under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).  Guardians seeks records that deal with criminal activity by agency employees as well as records that address the program’s non-compliance with environmental laws.

“The singular purpose of FOIA is to give citizens the ability to watch dog our government and hold it accountable,” stated Wendy Keefover, Director of Carnivore Protection for WildEarth Guardians.

Guardians sought Wildlife Services’ records concerning:

The program’s compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), after documents posted by Tom Knudson of the Sacramento Bee indicated that Wildlife Services was concerned it was “vulnerable” to NEPA suits that Guardians might bring against it.
Documents relative to criminal investigations of its employees, including investigations conducted under the Endangered Species Act, after Guardians learned that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service had investigated at least four employees.
Records involving a government agent who shot an endangered Mexican gray wolf in January 2013 and claimed he thought it was a coyote.
Guardians’ record request could reveal information that Wildlife Services particularly wants to keep secret as records may show that the USDA’s Wildlife Services program, and some of its employees may be out of step with environmental and criminal statutes. If true, agents who commit crimes against animals, for instance, still enjoy paychecks that largely come from tax dollars.

“Wildlife Services withholds documents it decides are sensitive or embarrassing, and groups like ours are forced to litigate in order to shine the light of day on governmental problems and to get the feds to obey the law.”


Article source:


September 23.2013

"We are writing to request a thorough audit of Wildlife Services ( WS ), especially 
its lethal predator control program, 
by the USDA Office of the Inspector General ( OIG ) "



By Associated Press and Paul A. Smith of the Journal Sentinel 
Jan. 4, 2013 
Madison - A Dane County judge said Friday the Department of Natural Resources had failed to enact adequate restrictions for dogs used to track or trail wolves, thereby prohibiting the practice under current state law.

However, Judge Peter Anderson's ruling would allow dogs to hunt wolves.

Anderson's specific ruling was that NR 17.4 on dog trials and training was "invalid" with regard to wolves. The section of Wisconsin Administrative Code was written in 2003, before wolves were a game species in the state, and includes no language about wolves.

Simultaneous with his ruling, the judge dissolved a temporary injunction issued last year that prohibited the use of dogs to hunt wolves. 
The ruling was met with mixed emotions by both the plaintiffs and defendants. "We are pleased that Judge Anderson removed the injunction that banned the use of dogs for hunting wolves," said DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp. "However, we are disappointed with his decision to prohibit training of dogs to hunt wolves."

The lawsuit was brought by animal welfare groups and individuals who claimed the state had insufficient rules to protect dogs. The defendants were the DNR and the Natural Resources Board.

A wolf hunting and trapping season was authorized in Wisconsin by Act 169. The legislation, passed last April, allowed the use of dogs to hunt wolves, as well as to track and trail wolves. Wisconsin is the only state to authorize the use of dogs to hunt wolves. 
The DNR is in the midst of creating a permanent rule for wolf hunting and trapping in the state, as well as revising its wolf management plan. 
Without the judge's ruling, dogs could have been used to track or trail wolves immediately in Wisconsin.

Sinderbrand said it was possible a bill would be introduced this session to modify portions of Act 169, including the use of dogs to hunt wolves. The 2013 wolf hunting and trapping season is scheduled to start Oct. 15. 
Judge Peterson said he would issue a written version of his ruling next week. 

NEED BOOTS ON GROUND!!----IF YOU LIVE IN OR NEAR WISCONSIN, PLEASE CONTACT 'STOP THE WISCONSIN WOLF HUNT' http://www.facebook.com/howlacrosswi?fref=ts -- help organize and be active in a boots-on-the-ground protest against the hounding of wolves in front of the State Capitol Bldg of Wisconsin, 2 E. Main St., Madison, WI 53702---nothing makes legislators sit up and take notice of an issue more than when they see a crowd of angry voters on the state capitol steps! 
Also contact your Wisconsin legislators via email and/or phone call --- although this horrid decision to allow hounding really does call for a physical presence and protest.

If you do or do not live in or near Wisconsin, you can also participate by faxing your extremely polite thoughts to Honorable Peter Anderson @ 
608-266-4062 (fax #)---You may also contact The Wisconsin Board of Natural Resources @ -- 
Laurie J. Ross 
Board Liaison Office of Secretary 
P.O. Box 7921, Madison WI 53707-7921

Governor Scott Walker 

Don't expect too much from the Governor or the NRD, but they should know that you STRONGLY object to hounding wolves (and hunting wolves, in general), and their barbaric wolf policy will offer you no choice but to boycott the state of Wisconsin. For Wisconsin residents, let the aforementioned know that you will protest with your vote!

All Wisconsin pro-wolf advocates must stand together against hounding -- they are proposing 6 dogs on one wolf----6 dogs who wouldn't exist without the wolf as their forefather---dogs get critically hurt and killed as well when wolf hounding. To pit animal against animal, canine against canine, shows that those in power and those who participate have lost their humanity. Many howls.....




Adam Kassulke

Wisconsin Wolf Front shared a status.
about an hour ago

For more information:
Wisconsin Wolf Front: wiwolffront@gmail.com
On Facebook at: Wisconsin Wolf Front
801 N. Thompson Drive Unit 208
Madison, WI. 53704

The Wisconsin Wolf Front is dedicated to ending the wolf hunt in Wisconsin. We are also involved in education and political work that furthers the protection of the wolf in Wisconsin.

Description Contact us at 608-556-1251. Weekly meetings in Madison and organizing drives statewide. It is time to fight back against the wholesale slaughter of the wolf in Wisconsin. Join as we commence a statewide drive to end the killing. Email us at: wiwolffront@gmail.com

Starting June 1st, 2013, our organization began a 90 day survey of citizens in ten Wisconsin counties to measure public views on the use of dogs in the upcoming fall Wolf hunting season. Wisconsin is currently the only State to allow the running of hunting dogs on wolves. As evidenced by the large number of hounds being killed by wolves in wolf territory during the training of bear hunting hounds, the practice of running them directly against wolves seems to be based on poor policy.

The survey was conducted each weekend during June, July and August at public events in the ten counties surveyed. Farmer’s markets, concerts and fairs were the mandated survey zones. Each weekend survey was conducted by teams of at least three student volunteers from Wisconsin Wolf Front. We attempted to survey areas that were relatively equal in Republicans and Democrats. Our student volunteers approached individuals at these public events, identified themselves and asked if they would take a few moments to participate in a short survey regarding a wildlife issue in Wisconsin. They were further asked for identification to verify that they were residents of the county where the survey was being conducted. They were asked the question: Are you in favor of the use of trained hunting dogs to track wolves in Wisconsin during the upcoming wolf hunting season?.



Conclusion: 94% of 6,500 Wisconsin citizens polled over 90 days are against the use of dogs to track wolves in the upcoming wolf hunting season. 4% were in favor of the policy


September 7th, Stevens Point, WI @ 9:30 a.m. (attend, write or call) PLEASE SHARE!!!
(This photo originated from a hounding page.)

THE FACE OF HOUNDING - this precious animal knows what comes next. His destiny will either be a roll cage or thrown into a pack of hound dogs for training. 
Feel free to use any of these talking points BUT put it in your own words!!!!!

To begin with, hound dogs are trained in "penning" facilities and captive wildlife farms, where wild animals are kept captive and run to their death in enclosed areas, oftentimes ripped apart by these hounds being trained. During "training season" in an open area, wild animals are chased for miles to exhaustion and injured, maimed or killed by dogs. Other hound dog training procedures: raccoons are put in "roll cages" and dropped from trees in the middle of frenzied dogs who lunge, yelp, bark and pull at this roll cage turning it over and over. If wild animals survive training season, they will perish due to the stress of the chase (parasites) and injuries. The DNR does not enforce the dozens of regulations being violated and reported. 

Gambling is another by-product of hounding as hound dog owners wager money on their dogs against wildlife in enclosed areas.

Fox penning is a blood sport in which dozens of dogs compete in a fenced-in area to chase—and sometimes rip apart—foxes and coyotes. Trapped in the wild and sold to fox pens, often in other states, the fox or coyote must run for his life inside fences where there is no hope of getting away.
The caged animals may be hauled hundreds of miles. With no food or water, some animals die on the trip. Once bought by pen operators, the foxes and coyotes provide amusement for participants who travel from state to state to wager on their dogs.
With dogs tearing apart the captive animals, there is a constant demand for fresh wildlife for the fox pens.

Hounding is a public health and safety risk: increases risk of spreading canine distemper and rabies.

Hounding is an unethical blood sport. Radio-collared hounds are used to track and tree black bears, cougars, raccoons, foxes, lynx, bobcats, and other animals. Using a portable receiver, the hunter can determine when the pursued animal is trapped in a tree and ready to be shot at point-blank range. Hounded animals are sometimes maimed by the hounds during the pursuit. 

Now hound dogs will be put on wolves, which is outlawed dogfighting, as wolves will kill to protect their territories.
Attending is powerful. If you can attend to make a public comment, you will be given 3 minutes. Call the Chair, David Tupa, to let him know you'll be attending: 920-495-2864

Saturday, September 7th
9:30 a.m. (ARRIVE EARLY)
Econo Lodge Inn & Suites
5110 Main Street, Stevens Point, WI

Topic: Resolution # 130813 - "Ban the use of dogs on wildlife" 

To e-mail a letter, copy & paste all committee members' names at once into your "To" address box: 


If you prefer to call, versus attending or writing an e-mail, copy & paste following link to phone contact committee information: http://dnr.wi.gov/about/wcc/Documents/Committees/2013/2013StudyCommitteeAssignments%2010.pdf

- Melanie
#wolves #hounddogsonwolves #wildlife




Dear Guardian,

The feds tried to cover up wildlife abuse and torture. Now it’s time to demand change. 

Tell Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack that you expect the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to implement clear guidelines that prohibit mistreatment of wildlife by federal employees, and to implement a new system that prevents future scandals. 

The USDA oversees the activities of Wildlife Services, including trapper Jamie P. Olson, who likely posted photos on Facebook of his dogs killing trapped coyotes. The USDA conducted an investigation, but disclosed its findings to no one, not even to the members of Congress who requested it.  

Newly-leaked documents show that the USDA’s investigation into these horrific acts resulted in no action against Olson, not even a reprimand. A Tweet from Congressman Campbell and the leaked documents seem to indicate that the agency attempted to cover up the matter.

Ironically, the USDA is the federal agency charged with enforcing the nation’s animal welfare laws. Without its own clear guidelines prohibiting its own employees from torturing and abusing wildlife, USDA holds no credibility. 

To prevent future scandals, demand that the USDA create an easy way for the public to register complaints that involve USDA activities. Investigations into conduct like Olson’s must be conducted efficiently and transparently. Also, the results of those investigations should be made public.

Join WildEarth Guardians to ask Secretary Vilsack to immediately implement clear codes of conduct for USDA employees that prohibit abuse and torture of wild animals, a system for registering complaints against USDA , and a policy of transparency for timely investigation and publication of results of such investigations.

For the Wild.....

Wildlife Services trapper Jamie P. Olson posing with a dead coyote.




Congressman Campbell’s  June 20th Tweet:
“Appears we can add lying to Congress & cover-up to animal abuse & torture as the list of misdeeds by #WildlifeServices & @USDA_APHIS grows.”




Ranger Island Pack, Lincoln County
On August 10, Wildlife Services confirmed that wolves depredated two bear training hounds in the Town of Tomahawk, Lincoln County; a seven-year old female and three-year old male. 

Lost Lake Pack, Florence County
On August 12, Wildlife Services confirmed that wolves depredated a bear training hound in the Town of Florence, Florence County; killed was a seven-year old female hound.

A recent study (below) found that Wisconsin’s risk of hound dog attack is two to seven times higher than Michigan.
One potential risk factor for hound dog depredation besides the longer bear baiting season in Wisconsin: 


Why the concern? 
Potential risk for fraud; Wisconsin DNR data shows that compensation for wolf attacks on hounds costs WI more than it has spent for wolf attacks in any other category - $441,651. 

See link for full article..... http://detroit.cbslocal.com/2013/04/18/

Which would you rather have in your woods…Hound dogs or wolves?
Now is the time!!!!

E-mail Natural REsources Board members via: laurie.ross@wisconsin.gov

Write a Letter to the Editor:

E-mail members of the Natural Resources Committee at the legislature:

E-mail Governor Scott Walker: govgeneral@wisconsin.gov

Work through your County Board members to open debate about hounding. 


< O > 


Killing wildlife simply permeates our state's culture, as witnessed this weekend. 

Hound dogs are allowed to run on wild animals for up to 16 hours/day in penning facilities; they are allowed to chase animals in the wild to their death often times ripping them apart while they're still alive; the Wisconsin DNR allows all of this by turning it's head. BUT they do not allow a wildlife rehabilitation facility to rescue and care for wild animals. 

For the last few months and unknown to most Wisconsonites, the DNR's captive wildlife management program has been reviewing regulations related to rehabilitation of wild animals (Statement of Scope for Board Order WM-10-13). These new regulations will impact the amount/type of volunteers that can be used at wildlife rehabilitation centers and require more bureaucratic red tape…more paperwork. In essence, making it more difficult for wildlife rehab programs to operate. 

The Wisconsin DNR has no shame.

With the extreme war on wild animals, including our beloved wolves, it is a moral imperative to maintain wildlife rehabilitation centers in Wisconsin. 

Ways to know what's going on with the DNR: 

1. Get on the DNR's Natural Resources e-mail alerts: http://dnr.wi.gov/about/nrb/

2. If you want to see Wildlife Rehab centers open and available to our beleaguered & disappearing wild animals, E-mail: scott.loomans@wisconsin.gov

Request that they stop making it more difficult for centers to rehabilitate wild animals and institute LESS rather than more restrictive regulations. 

3. E-mail: laurie.ross@wisconsin.gov and ask her to cc the e-mail to the Natural Resources Board.

Photo by Brooks Fahy/Predator Defense

A male coyote is caught in a leg-hold trap in Oregon. Although this is not one of the photos by trapper Jamie Olson that sparked the new furor, the trap is typical of those used.

Demand Accountability and Transparency for Government Employees who Mistreat Wildlife



The feds tried to cover up wildlife abuse and torture. Now it’s time to demand change. 

Tell Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack that you expect the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to implement clear guidelines that prohibit mistreatment of wildlife by federal employees, and to implement a new system that prevents future scandals. 

The USDA oversees the activities of Wildlife Services, including trapper Jamie P. Olson, who likely posted photos on Facebook of his dogs killing trapped coyotes. The USDA conducted an investigation, but disclosed its findings to no one, not even to the members of Congress who requested it.  

Newly-leaked documents show that the USDA’s investigation into these horrific acts resulted in no action against Olson, not even a reprimand. A Tweet from Congressman Campbell and the leaked documents seem to indicate that the agency attempted to cover up the matter.

Ironically, the USDA is the federal agency charged with enforcing the nation’s animal welfare laws. Without its own clear guidelines prohibiting its own employees from torturing and abusing wildlife, USDA holds no credibility. 

To prevent future scandals, demand that the USDA create an easy way for the public to register complaints that involve USDA activities. Investigations into conduct like Olson’s must be conducted efficiently and transparently. Also, the results of those investigations should be made public.

Tell Secretary Vilsack that torture of wildlife by federal employees is unacceptable and investigations into complaints need to be completed in a timely and transparent manner.  

Join WildEarth Guardians to ask Secretary Vilsack to immediately implement clear codes of conduct for USDA employees that prohibit abuse and torture of wild animals, a system for registering complaints against USDA , and a policy of transparency for timely investigation and publication of results of such investigations.


Wisconsin Wolf Hunt: No Dogs Allowed

via http://www.sacbee.com/2013/06/15/5499260_a4956167/documents-show-questions-about.html

Petitioning Tom Vilsack: 
Fire USDA Wildlife Services Federal Trapper Jamie Olson for Animal Cruelty

We encourage you to please also share our Wildlife Services Fact Sheet that contains more information on the horrific misdeeds of this federal killing program: 

UPDATED:  Hounding news:

Documents show questions about Wildlife Services probe in animal cruelty - 
The Sacramento Bee
By Tom Knudson
Published: Saturday, Jun. 15, 2013 - 11:38 am

We want to advise you of two news stories that came out recently covering the status of the investigation of federal trapper Jamie Olson and his continued employment by USDA Wildlife Services (WS). Incredibly, according to documents obtained from two-time Pulitzer Prize winning Sacramento Bee reporter, Tom Knudson, the initial determination of the federal investigation into charges of animal cruelty by Olson cleared him of any wrongdoing. As you know, the pictures of Olson’s dogs ripping apart coyotes and other wildlife speak for themselves and such a conclusion is utterly shameful and unacceptable. Despite this initial conclusion, however, FoxNews.com is reporting that the investigation of Olson is ongoing. Please be assured that we will not give up pressing for the termination of Jamie Olson and exposing the culture of cruelty that exists within the Wildlife Services program. 

Article from The Sacramento Bee – Documents Show Questions about Wildlife Services Probe in Animal Cruelty 
Article from FoxNews.com – Federal Agency Gives Few Answers on Months-Long Probe of Alleged Animal Cruelty 
Read also:
Project Coyote and AWI's letter to the Office of Inspector General supporting an investigation and audit of the Wildlife Services program: 

Project Coyote and AWI’s follow-up letter to Wildlife Services regarding the status of the investigation: 

Many thanks to all of you for signing our petition and being a voice against this kind of egregious abuse of wildlife. Please help us continue to expose the culture of cruelty at the USDA and its misuse of taxpayer dollars through its wildlife killing programs by sharing our petition far and wide through email, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to help us reach our goal of 100,000 signatures. Our public officials must be made aware now more than ever that we will not be silent until current policies are changed and justice is served.
We encourage you to please also share our Wildlife Services Fact Sheet that contains more information on the horrific misdeeds of this federal killing program: 

Federal agency gives few answers on months-long probe of alleged animal cruelty

By Cristina Corbin
Published June 12, 2013

Eight months after an employee of the federal Wildlife Services agency allegedly posted photos online depicting animal cruelty, the little-known government agency said the worker is still on the job but did not say whether he or any others 
have been disciplined.
The photos were allegedly posted by Jamie Olson, an employee of Wyoming Wildlife Services, a branch of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. The photo album was discovered in October on Olson's personal Facebook account, which has since been deactivated. The graphic photos include images of dogs ripping into live coyotes trapped in steel foot-holds, as well as pictures of coyote carcasses.
At the time, Wildlife Services spokeswoman Carol Bannerman told FoxNews.com that an internal investigation was being launched and that if it concluded animal abuse took place, that "would not be accepted."
As of this week, that investigation is sill "ongoing," said Bannerman, who added that Olson is still employed by the agency.
"With regard to allegations that a WS employee engaged in animal cruelty and misconduct, the investigation of the situation is currently ongoing," Bannerman said in an email sent to FoxNews.com. "The length of the investigations underscores the seriousness that WS places on the importance of ethical and appropriate treatment of wildlife it is asked to control."
Bannerman noted that the agency has since reaffirmed to its employees "their obligations to uphold professional standards as well as their responsibilities to the public." She also said that Wildlife Services updated its protocol in March regarding the use of trained dogs in carrying out the agency's duties.
"Among other things, the updated guidance re-emphasizes the need to maintain control over trained dogs and prevent attacks on restrained animals," she said.
Click here to view the updated guidelines
The Wildlife Services program is responsible for humanely killing wildlife seen as a threat to the environment and livestock, as well as protecting the public from wildlife hazards to commercial planes at airports.
But U.S. Reps. Peter Defazio, D-Ore., and Rep. John Campbell, R-Calif., claim the program has allowed workers to abuse animals for no reason.
The photos that appeared on Olson's Facebook account showed a culture of animal cruelty that has long persisted within the agency, according to the lawmakers. They have both appealed to Agriculture Secretary Thomas Vilsack for a complete audit of the "culture" within Wildlife Services – in particular its lethal Predator Control program – by the USDA Office of Inspector General.
In the case of Olsen, Campbell said, "It is imperative that this investigation be completed and the findings presented to Congress and the American public with no further delay."
"Eight months is more than enough time for a federal agency to investigate the actions of just one employee," Campbell told FoxNews.com. "Any further obfuscation or attempt to delay this report will justifiably raise even more serious concerns about this agency's integrity." 
Gary Strader, a former trapper with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, told FoxNews.com last March that it is "regular practice" for dogs to attack live coyotes caught in traps.
Strader, who left the agency in 2009, recalled a particular day during which he caught nine coyotes in government-set leg hold snares at a remote site in northeast Nevada. Strader said his supervisor, who had accompanied him that day, watched and laughed as the agency's dogs circled the coyotes and ripped into them. 
"It is outrageous that eight months after these horrific pictures appeared on Facebook that Wildlife Services appears to be doing nothing but dragging their feet," Brooks Fahy, executive director of Predator Defense, told FoxNews.com. "It appears to be business as usual at Wildlife Services."
"The agency has operated this way, without consequences, since its inception in 1931," Fahy said. "It is literally out of control and needs to be investigated."
Read more: 

courtesy northrup~dot~org
Graphic Video Shows True Nature of Hounders

Watch this video at your own discretion.
This is a UNIVERSE beyond sick.
We have to get some laws changed. 
Here are Wisconsin's Senators. 
Please contact them. 
Tell them this needs to be outlawed. Now.
Thank you.




West's Wisconsin Statutes Annotated. Crimes. Chapter 951. Crimes Against Animals; Chapter 944. Crimes Against Sexual Morality. Subchapter III. Fornication; Adultery; Gratification. 

Summary:   This section comprises the Wisconsin anti-cruelty section.  Under the section, "animal" includes every living warm-blooded creature (except a human being), reptile, or amphibian.  The section prohibits "mistreating animals," which is defined as treating any animal, whether belonging to the person or another, in a cruel manner.  This section does not prohibit bona fide experiments carried on for scientific research or normal and accepted veterinary practices.  This section also prohibits the instigation of dogfights, and has a unique provisions that prohibits the shooting of caged or staked animals.  However, the latter provision excludes the shooting of farm animals, farm-raised deer, or wild birds at a bird hunting preserve.  The section mandates proper of treatment of all confined animals with food, water, and shelter (which is described with detail as to the proper requirements).  Any person who intentionally or negligently violates any of the cruelty sections is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor, unless a person intentionally mutilates, disfigures or kills an animal; then the crime becomes a Class I felony.  Instigating an animal fight or intentionally harming a law enforcement animal also results in a felony.

Graphic Video Shows True Nature of Hounders

**UPDATE** May 31. 2013. The video is back up thanks to some wildlife advocates in other states. Please share this far and wide.

**UPDATE** May 28, 2013. The video has been pulled from YouTube. Apparently once these cowards take some heat over their sadism they remove their videos. I was able to obtain screenshots from the video, and have them on file. I also posted two more videos showing again what kind of monsters these hounder scum really are.

**WARNING** The following video is EXTREMELY graphic and depraved. 

This video was forwarded to me today and I am sickened beyond belief. If you have the stomach for it this video illustrates what hounders are all about and what occurs throughout the year in Wisconsin and across the country. The disgusting cretins in this video not only allow their dogs to rip this coyote to shreds, but one of the sadists stabs the coyote with a knife while urging the dogs on. If this is what passes as “recreation” and “heritage” in our state and country then we need a serious reevaluation about what this nation really stands for. I warn you now that this video is horrific and if you care anything for wildlife you will find it hard to believe that we share the same planet with such disgusting “humans.”

This was apparently done in Idaho but it is no different than what Wisconsin promotes and expands each and every year. This is what already is happening to coyotes, bears, raccoons, and soon to be wolves in Wisconsin. I want anyone to claim that this is “ethical” and “moral” in any way. Remember this is what the Wisconsin DNR calls “heritage,” “tradition,” and “recreation.” All I see from this human garbage is sadism. There is no way that I share the same DNA with these cretins and I am even more ashamed that I share a country with them. Even more disturbing is the fact that these wildlife snuff films are all over YouTube and the internet. Have we really sunk this low as a species and nation? If this video is any indication we already know the answer.

Please share this so everyone knows what these hounders and their ilk are really all about.

Update May 28, 2013: The original video was removed by the coward that posted it but just a quick view to the “recommended videos” on the page point to many, many other depraved act or dog being used to kill wild animals. Here are videos of a sadist cheering on his dog to kill a coyote in water and then another video of the monster taping his dog killing a young raccoon.



Photo credit: Brooks Fahy/Predator Defense
A male coyote is caught in a leg-hold trap in Oregon. Although this is not one of the photos by trapper Jamie Olson that sparked the new furor, the trap is typical of those used.

By Tom Knudson
Published: Saturday, Jun. 15, 2013 - 11:38 am

A federal investigation cleared a Wildlife Services trapper of animal cruelty last December but the agency's top official later raised questions about the case, documents obtained by The Bee show.

The probe found that Wyoming trapper Jamie Olson, whose Internet photos showing his hunting dogs attacking at a trapped coyote stirred outrage among wildlife advocates, did nothing wrong.

Read other stories in The Bee's wildlife investigation series.

Congressmen John Campbell (R-Irvine) and Peter DeFazio (D-Ore) asked to see a copy of the investigation but have not received one, their staffers said.

USDA investigators wrote that Olson was training his dog "how to `posture' when confronting a trapped coyote. By Olson's definition, posturing is when a dog keeps a coyote stationary."

But William Clay, deputy administrator of Wildlife Services, wasn't satisfied. "The more information that comes in on this, the more issues there seems to be," he wrote in an email. In a later email, Clay wrote: "If we want to truly prevent a dog from biting/mauling a restrained animal, the only way to do it is with a muzzle or a leash."

Clay asked investigators to re-examine the case but it is not known what they found. Agency spokesperson Carol Bannerman told Fox News this week the investigation is on-going.

Call The Bee's Tom Knudson, (530) 582-5336.
© Copyright The Sacramento Bee. All rights reserved.

• Read more articles by Tom Knudson


  1. I can't see why so many people want to kill these creatures!!! yeah sometime they take cattle,but thats because we humans take their land. So i say if a wolfs take a few cattle and such its because we are in their territory. THEY CAN'T TALK TO US, THEY CAN'T TELL US THAT WE ARE IN THEIR HOME!

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