Thursday, February 12, 2015

Are you serious, Rep. Ribble ??????

Ok… we go again.

This person, Reed Ribble….
the U.S. Congressional Representative from Wisconsin, believes that we should slaughter our reintroduced gray wolves, instead of working for peaceful co~existence with ranchers for non lethal wolf controls.

Bill in Congress would remove protections for Great Lakes wolves

Bills to end Endangered Species Act protections for wolves introduced in Congress

Lummis, Ribble Introduce State Wolf Management Bill
Bill restores state management of wolves in Wyoming, Western Great Lakes

We need our wolves, and scientists have reported again and again that sound science was not adhered to when the USFWS decided to consider the proposal to remove our Gray Wolves from endangered species status under the protections provided by the Endangered Species Act.

We do not need more wolf bloodshed, nor do we need to continue to drag our USA government into the issue of Gray Wolf RE-introduction into the USA wilderness.

Please take action by contacting your state representatives and senators, ask them to vote NO on H.R.843 and H.R.884 >

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Go Mexican Wolf Buddies, Go!

Mexican Wolf Cross~Foster 
Confirmed as Success
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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Updated May 2, 2015

Please sign the Defenders ofWildlife petition 
Tell USA Congress to lay off "management" hunting of our gray wolves, and instead provide them their needed E.S.A. protections

If you also have time to send an email, or place a phone call to your USA Congress representatives and senators, asking them to oppose HR843 and HR884, you can find all contact information and a suggestion on what to say here. Thank you so very much for speaking up for our gray wolves ! :

February 7, 2015
You can speak up for our wolves. 

Edited repost from Mexican Wolves:

Image courtesy Southwest Wildlife

Act today to keep wolves protected!

Congress threatens wolves and the Endangered Species Act  (Feb. 2015)

If some members of Congress have their way, wolves across some or even all of the lower 48 states will lose their Endangered Species Act (ESA) protections through stand-alone bills or riders on must-pass legislation.

Your help is needed now to stop anti-wolf legislation from moving forward.

Please contact your members of Congress and Interior Secretary Jewell and tell them decisions about the future of endangered species should be based on science, not politics.

You can find your U.S.A. senator email contacts here:


You can find your U.S.A. representative email contacts here:


If you prefer to make contact via phone, your

U.S.A. senator phone contacts are here:

If you prefer to make contact via phone, your

U.S.A. representative phone contacts are here:

Already, U.S. Rep. Reed Ribble (WI) is leading an effort to remove federal court protections for wolves in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan and Wyoming.

And it’s unlikely to stop there. Pressure is being applied to many members of Congress for legislation to push wolves nationwide, even the small, struggling population of Mexican gray wolves, towards extinction.

Bills or riders aimed at stripping endangered wolves of federal protections put more than wolves in peril - they threaten all wildlife and the Endangered Species Act itself. Wolves are being used as pawns in a larger effort to sink the ark that provides for the conservation of all animals.

Please contact members of Congress and the Secretary of the Interior today and urge them to oppose any anti-wolf legislation.

You will be most effective if you call personally or send an email in your own words. Whether you call or write, please be polite so that your message will be heard. Remember, you will most likely connect with a staffer who will pass your message along.

Sample message for phone calls:

Start by identifying yourself and where you’re calling from.

I am calling to urge [the Senator, the Congressman, Secretary Jewell] to oppose any anti-wolf legislation or riders. Legislation that removes wolves’ protections undermines the Endangered Species Act, and places all wildlife in danger. Appropriations bills and other must-pass legislation should be kept clean of anti-wolf and other controversial riders. Thank you.

Sample message for email:

Please oppose any anti-wolf legislation or riders. Wolves play a key role in keeping our nation’s wildlands healthy and they have barely begun to recover in many places, including the Southwest, where only 83 Mexican gray wolves were found in the wild at last official count. Federal protections are necessary to allow struggling populations of wolves to survive and expand into suitable habitat.

Decisions about endangered wildlife should be based on science rather than political whims. Legislation that removes wolves’ protections undermines the Endangered Species Act, a popular, important law enacted with overwhelming bi-partisan support. Without a strong Endangered Species Act, we face a future devoid of the rich diversity of wildlife that should be our national legacy. Bills that undermine the ESA threaten all wolves and all wildlife.

Appropriations bills and other must-pass legislation should be kept clean of anti-wolf and other controversial riders. Legislation of importance to the entire country should not be held hostage by special interests.

Poll after poll has shown consistently that the American public supports wolf recovery. People all over the world are rooting for our wolves. We have a responsibility to ourselves, the world, and future generations to ensure the recovery of these important animals that were hunted, poisoned and trapped to near extinction.

Again, I urge you to oppose any and all legislative attempts to remove protections for wolves.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

[Your name and address}