Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December 31. 2013
The end of the year ~ 
 How our Gray Wolves fared.


To date here are the number of wolves that have paid the toll for no longer
being protected under the Endangered Species Act as endangered species in the six states of: 
Idaho, Montana, Wyoming 
( Rocky Mountains USA ) 
Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin 
( mid Western USA ) 

The number of wolf fatalities are starting from the date they were delisted in that state.
The final numbers will be updated on the official end date of wolf hunt season, as they become available.
Some states have gone over their quota already.
The USFWS has proposed further removal of protections in the remaining Lower 42 states.
Over a million "pro wolves" commented that they did not approve of delisting, that our Gray Wolves have not made a full recovery and are constantly under siege by the state Wildlife Services here that allow state managed wolf hunting seasons.

698 wolves (454 hunter kills + 244 trapper kills). Season closed 3/31/13.
2013/2014 Hunt Season: 175
From date of delist to December 31.2013 Tally:873

391 wolves (294 hunter kills + 97 trapper kills). Season closed 2/28/13
2013/2014 Hunt Season: 124
From date of delist to December 31.2013 Tally:515

92 wolves as of 8/16/13
2013/2014 Hunt Season: 55. 
FINAL TALLY :61 ~ Updated 1. 9. 2014
From date of delist to December 31.2013 Tally:147 > 153

2013/2014 Hunt Season: 23
From date of delist to December 31.2013 Tally: 23

412 wolves (213 hunter kills + 199 trapper kills).
2013/2014 Hunt Season: 237 Wolves 

* Seventeen wolf deaths over proposed target in Northwest and Northeast Zone
149 Wolves via DNR 
(excludes early season ~ late season tally only)

From date of delist to December 31.2013 Tally:628 > 649

117 wolves (55 hunter kills + 62 trapper kills)
2013/2014 Hunt Season: 257 Wolves ~ FINAL TALLY
* Six wolf deaths over allowed quota
From date of delist to December 31.2013 Tally:374

The toll of delisting our U.S.A. Gray Wolves from the E.S.A. protections administered through USFWS, Director Dan Ashe and Sectretary Sally Jewell, from delist date to January 2, 2014 :

2,597 Dead Gray Wolves due to state led wolf management policies.


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