Saturday, August 17, 2013


Hello Wolves.
I was one of the ones Janet is referring to here.
I believe that everyone does have the right to choose how to act.
But given the light of Janet's information, I have to say that I was wrong.
Janet is correct.
For as much as I wish to save our wolves, I am now horrified thinking that I might have hurt them. I thought that taking a wolf out of a trap if I were to find him would be good, that is my impulse.
This War on our Wolves is all so fucked, folks.
Please just keep sending those emails and sign and share the petitions.
Thank you.


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From Janet Hoben
I know that some of you are very angry that I have been posting on Twitter to not post of promote the wolf hunt sabotage manual. You don’t like me telling you what to do, and feel I have no right to tell other advocate how to advocate. But what you don’t know is that there have now been credible threats on some of our beloved wolves who live in areas where wolf hunting is illegal, due in part to all the publicity and promotion surrounding this. Continued coverage of this is NOT going to save the lives of wolves, it is going to get more wolves killed! Also, in this country at least interfering with the hunts is against the law and this manual could be considered an act of DOMESTIC TERRORISM. People sitting in jail do not help the cause they hurt it. Also note that no major wolf/wildlife group is promoting or supporting this, and that should give you reason to stop and wonder why. Believe me, I want wolf hunts stopped more than anyone. You have seen my countless letters and activities on behalf of wolves. I literally cry each time I hear about more wolf deaths, even if it is just one wolf. But, again, I state that continuing to support and promote this IS GOING TO GET EVEN MORE WOLVES KILLED. Now, if you wish to kick me out of the group or stop following me on Twitter or FB, that is fine. At least I know I have told you what I know is true. Blessings on all of you as you do your best to help wolves.

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