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These are emails to use for Secretary Sally Jewell + USA Congress. There are also 8 petitions to #KEEPWOLVESLISTED under the Federal Protections of the Endangered Species Act =ESA

Below is the most recent action petition action. Thank you for your help!!!

This is the email I got from Wild Earth Guardians on Tuesday, May 28, 2013
Now, More Than Ever, Speak Out for Wolves

Dear Heidi, 

Right now is the time to speak up for America’s wolves!

The U.S. Department of Interior’s shameful plan to remove federal protections for wolves everywhere in the U.S. is being reconsidered. Your pressure, and recent media exposure, has led the agency to re-evaluate its scorched earth wolf plan.

But we think the Interior Department may be stalling, hoping the pressure and scrutiny will just go away.

Help us make sure that doesn’t happen. Please call upon the new Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewell, today and demand that she protect America’s wolves.

Wolves have already lost their protections in the Great Lakes region and in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming because of pressure from the livestock industry, hunting groups, and the National Rifle Association.

We’ve seen what’s happened as a result. In the Northern Rockies it’s been a blood bath with more than 1,000 wolves already killed. And now Montana is considering increasing the number of wolves that can be taken.

If the Interior Department gets their way, they would remove protections for wolves everywhere else in the lower 48: on the West Coast, the Southern Rocky Mountains (Colorado and Utah), and in the East—places where they don’t even currently reside.   

Wolves have been restored to less than 8% of their historic range in the U.S.—that is simply not enough.

Tell Interior Secretary Jewell to forever mothball this horrible plan for wolves.

Even highly-endangered Mexican wolves will wither under the Interior’s plan—they would never be allowed to recover outside of a small core area in southern New Mexico and Arizona.

The Interior Department is likely to soon move rapidly forward with its rotten plan, so speak now!

Wolves are necessary for vibrant ecosystems and biological diversity. These beautiful animals need Americans to stand by them and demand that they be conserved, not handed off to states that want to completely destroy them. Call on Secretary Jewell today!

For the Wild Ones,

John C. Horning
Executive Director
WildEarth Guardians

Wolves were recently and prematurely removed from the protections afforded to them under the Endangered Species Act.

See PEER’s Lawsuit demanding that secret agency meeting records see sunlight.

Read scientists' letters to Secretary Sally Jewell calling for immediate wolf conservation measures:

From the American Society of Mammologists

From Conservation Biology Scientists

Check out our map, which shows every state where wolves would be subject to state shooting and trapping plans instead of federal protection.

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